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You need a board member that will support your ideas, fight for the needs of your community and earn your respect. For someone who truly cares for your community, look no further.  I've been actively supporting our local community through board memberships and service for over 15 years.  Want to learn more? Click here 

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serving the community

I have been part of this community my entire life, working tirelessly to make it a better place.  My community service started when I was 10 with the Placer Hills 4-H Club, raising sheriff dogs for Placer County Sheriff's Department and Guide Dogs for the Blind.  After I returned to our beautiful area after college my service resumed. I was born and raised in Meadow Vista, went to the schools and am proud to say I am a product of these schools. 

United By A Common Goal

We all want what is best for our children and right now we all have faced uncertainty with the education of our children.  I certainly don't have all the answers but I am a tireless advocate for what I believe is right.  I stand for putting our children's educational needs first.  I want open and honest communication with parents.  I want realistic expectations about what can happen in our children's educational day.  I need transparency. 

I Know How To Get Things Done

I have experience working together in a board setting to accomplish big goals. I am currently the President of the Auburn Chamber of Commerce and serve on three other boards which includes the Placer Hills Education Foundation (PHEF), The Ripple Effect and Auburn Ski Club.  I know how to get things done as a member of a board and how to work with other board members to achieve a common goal. 

get involved

I can always use a little help.  Spread the word about voting for Allison Harvey, Katie Schiavone and Kristin Cannarozzi.  Together we can achieve great things.  Let me know what you want to see out of our district.  Lets unite to achieve a common goal - the best education for our children. 


I am endorsed by teachers who work in the district, business owners who have businesses in the district, parents who have kids that attend the schools in the district, elected officials who have experience as board members on school boards, and leaders in our community that know what it takes to effect change.  Check out my endorsements below. 

Ken T.jpg

Ken Tokutomi, President, Placer County Board of Education

I have worked with Allison on a number of major issues confronting the Auburn Chamber and have been impressed with her ability to define issues and provide legal solutions to remedy problems.  With school districts facing constant legal issues she would an valuable asset serving on the School board.


Trevor Rogas, Sierra Hills Teacher

Allison Harvey is a tireless advocate for our students and our district.

I had the pleasure of having both her boys in my class throughout the years. Allison never hesitated to reach out to me for clarification, suggestions or complaints. While always respectful, she was never afraid to go to bat for her kids and the rest of the students in the class. Because of this, I became a better teacher.

Beyond my classroom, she has done the same for our district already. She is engaged, thorough and a strong critical thinker. She keeps the students first and foremost in her mind, and is already working to effect change on their behalf.


Jackie Weston, Interim Executive Director, Auburn Chamber of Commerce, Meadow Vista Resident

Allison would make for an exceptional addition to the PHUSD School Board. I have seen her thrive on the Auburn Chamber  of  Commerce board as a member and now a president and know that whatever she puts her mind to she excels. I know whole heartedly that she cares so much about the future of our kids that she will do everything it takes to make sure they have the best education possible. Electing Allison to the School Board will be helpful for all us parents.

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