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Regular Board Meeting 10/13/2020

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

The notes below are simply a summary of what I heard during the meeting. They are not direct quotes unless specified and they are only my summary of what I heard throughout the meeting. Here is the link to the agenda:

Closed session:

Public Comments:

1. Anonymous: The governor has made getting and picking up children at school nearly impossible for working parents. Some of you may not have the same problem but I have children in three different schools Weimar Hills, Sierra Hills, and Colfax H.S. with each school starting at a different time. Weimar Hills with an hour difference and no bus service. Making it impossible for someone to make it to work on time. This is craziness!! Also please explain to me how parents working full time are suppose to come home and do homeschooling? In addition to the three different schools some of us still have younger children. The Governor or school district need to make daycare available at a reasonable rate for us with multiple children since this situation has been placed upon us.

2. Adam Borruso: To the Board, I wish to express my appreciation to you all during these uncertain times. I feel like you all have done an exemplary job in providing communication and leadershIp in an unprecedented time. You all have provided consistency in helping us as parents know how we were going to navigate the early months of this time as well as now into the later months. I have been consistently appreciative of you all in protecting our children as well as those families and being flexible to the ever changing times. I will forever be grateful to you all for the volunteering you all do for our children and I wish you all well going forward.

3. Sarah Lose: The Superintendents contract extension and salary should not be rushed and should wait for the new Board members to be sworn in. The new Board will reflect the values of the community especially during this unprecedented time. The old Board members may not have the same ideals as the people that originally voted them in as times have changed. Let the Democratic process prevail and do what is best for our children and community. The community has provided numerous comments, petitions and letters that are not supportive of the Superintendent. PLEASE HEAR US!

4. Anonymous: I am writing because I am very concerned about the pending renewal of the superintendent's contract. Firstly, why is this process being so rushed all of the sudden? It has been on every board meeting agenda for the last year, yet no action has been taken. The circumstances around this sudden urgency are questionable, considering decisions do not need to be made on this matter immediately. This whole process does not feel like it is being conducted with transparency to the public. There has been very clear feedback from the community that there are concerns regarding the performance of the superintendent, yet these views do not seem to be of importance to the board's decision. Secondly, the amount of disparity in the salaries of our district's employees is frankly disgusting. Why, for example, are our hard-working special Education Aids being paid wages that cannot support the basic cost of living? Why are our Custodians and Bus Drivers who are essential to keeping our children safe and healthy being told there is no money for raises to classified salaries? Our dedicated teachers have had to fight tooth and nail for the compensation they deserve and STILL receive wages well below the county average. With all this said, why then is the superintendent making 10,000$+ the county average when our district size and demographics should in no way put us in the higher end of that average. The manner in which this district allocates its funds is troubling, to say the least. If we do not have money to pay our classified and credentialed employees a respectable salary, why are we renewing the superintendent's contract, and presumably moving her up a year on the pay scale resulting in a raise? As a parent, I do not approve of the decision to renew the superintendent's contract, nor do I approve of the manner in which this is all being conducted. It feels shady and disingenuous. The board's job should be to listen to the members of the community and make decisions that represent their constituents. I do not feel that this is currently the case with the members of our current board, and will be voting in the upcoming election with that in mind. Thank you.

5. Kristin Brown: First I want to start by thanking the teachers and principles and others working at the schools for all their hard work and dedication to the students. Second, I feel like as a parent or parents that when wee leave comments to be read to the board that our concerns still seem to go unheard and I personally feel that they are being brushed under the rug. Third, I am concerned that the board is not using the meeting to discuss more important events at this time. My main concern is why the superintendent is having her review now? Why wouldn't the board want to wait till closer to the end of 2021 school year to see how things have played out through the pandemic and what not? I am also concerned with why the superintendent is asking for a raise. With the population of the schools decreasing do to parent choosing other options for their children, will there even be enough money in the budget for the 21/22 school year? If anyone in our school district deserves a raise it would be the principles and the teachers, and others working onsite at the schools. From what I see they are the ones doing all the hard work in getting our children back into the classroom. Lastly, if the board does renew Ms. Kehoe's contract, I hope moving forward that she will be more transparent with parents and answer their question's directly and not talk in circles. Also, the board talk a minute and actually listen to parents concerns about how the school district is being run.

6. Anonymous: I find it sad that once again during tonights closed session the agenda continues to be the ongoing superintendent evaluation. It's also unbelievably shady for the board to be even considering the extension of the superintendent contract with a salary increase a month before board elections. Our community has no confidence in our current superintendent, and we are losing faith in the school board because they clearly don't listen to the community they serve.

7. Allison Harvey: As an elected official you are required to follow the law and your bylaws. Your bylaws state in BP2140, Evaluation of the Superintendent, you MUST in open session jointly identify with the Superintendent the performance goals for the Superintendent for the next year. I have reviewed all of the minutes and this has not been done. Simply posting a performance matrix on your website is not the same as identifying the Superintendents goals in an open session. This is a part of the evaluation criteria. This must be done before evaluation criteria can be determined. You have created a matrix which is evaluation criteria but you skipped the step of creating and identifying the goals and discussing them in open session. Again, this MUST be done. It must be done before you can create evaluation criteria. It must be done before you perform an evaluation. If you finalize the Superintendent’s evaluation today you will be moving forward without following your board policies. Whether you want to follow board policies is not a decision you get to arbitrarily make. Due to the fact that you did not openly discuss performance goals for this year’s review in open session, and you did not create these goals prior to creating the evaluation criteria, I believe you cannot finalize this review and you must start the process AFTER you have completed this step. I urge you to follow your board policy and procedures.

8. Frances Putkey, Ph.D: My daughter is a fourth grader at Weimar. I would like to express my appreciation for the efforts of all staff in preparing and implementing the current hybrid learning model. It is clear that a great deal of thought has gone into prioritizing the health and well-being of students and staff. As the district considers next steps, it is important to move ahead cautiously. Although Placer County has recently moved into the “Moderate” tier per California’s Blueprint for a Safer economy, it is by no means guaranteed that Placer County will maintain sufficiently low COVID-19 cases to stay in this tier. As has been observed throughout the US, even small communities are not immune to spikes in COVID-19 cases as in-person gatherings and business activities increase. This is particularly relevant as we approach the holiday season and flu season. According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, “We need to hunker down and get through this fall and winter because it’s not going to be easy.” Students and their families need consistency, and it would be frustrating to alternate between distance learning and full-time in-person learning if an increase in COVID-19 cases forces in-person schooling closures. I strongly urge the district to consider maintaining the current hybrid model at least through winter break.

Public Employee Performance Evaluation GC 54957

Superintendent Julie Kehoe 

  • 8 categories - overall satisfactory review

  • Unknown if they completed her review

  • The board is still working on an evaluation process in an ongoing effort

9. Recognition of Guests

Quick Summary / Abstract:Superintendent will recognize employees. 

Couldn't hear

10. Comments from the Community on Non-Agenda Items

Quick Summary / Abstract:


11. Consent Agenda

Quick Summary / Abstract:This agenda is to provide a more efficient and expeditious meeting. These items are considered to be routine and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no discussion on these items unless a member of the Board, staff, or public, requests that a specific item(s) be removed and discussed.

11.1. Approval of the Board Agenda

  • Board Member Schiavone objected to 14.2 being on the agenda per closed session agreements

  • Public Comment: Allison Harvey: I noted that the agenda of the board was amended after it was initially distributed to the public on October 9, 2020. Per my standing request I received a copy of the agenda on October 9, 2020. I reviewed the agenda at that time and noted that there was no proposed motion on item 14.2, however, upon reviewing the agenda today, October 14, 2020, I noted that there is a proposed motion on item 14.2. This amendment of the agenda was never sent out. I don’t know when it was amended, but even if it was amended more than 72 hours before the meeting, the fact still stands that the agenda was never sent out as amended. I did receive a copy additional documents added to the agenda on October 13th but again, there was no mention of the agenda being amended with regard to 14.2. Also, those items were sent out less than 72 hours prior to the meeting. Therefore, because the agenda was amended without notice I will ask the board to postpone item 14.2 until the next regular board meeting.

  • Discussion regarding 14.2. Joyce asked them to pause and double check. Katie stated that she didn't think that a notice to the amendment was posted. Julie said no notice outside of posting on the website was necessary. No email had to be sent out to inform of the change.

  • Board vote to approve consent agenda: 4-1 vote (Schiavone against).

12.1. ABEA Report

12.2. PHACE Report

12.3. PHEF Report

12.4. Site Reports

12.5. Business Manager Report

  • auditors do virtual audit next week

  • busy in cafeteria getting food service running

  • meal application for the year - go to Titan. Helps bus pass and with funding formula - can reach out to Mary with any trouble.

  • Care club is on site - Mary has been on site with that. Transportation has been busy helping with that.

12.6. Superintendent Report

  • so exciting to see kids back on campus with masks. washing hands, wearing face coverings, staying home if they don't feel well.

  • Kids are happy to be on campus.

  • Thanked staff for being flexible and keeping kids first, staying positive. Staff is absolutely amazing.

  • Thanks the parents for being patient and helping with education. Been planning with school site - sites have been having meetings with their groups.

  • Gap care has been a success.

    • 14 students at Sierra Hills

    • 12 students at Weimar Hills

  • Friendly Neighbors: identified needs allowed use of Placer Hills School cafeteria

  • work has shifted - so many meetings over the summer were via zoom. Now meeting multiple times a week as an admin team.

  • New county health officer

  • worked with ABEA to create MOU - thanked the negotiation team. Putting students and staff and safety at forefront.

13.1. Hires

Quick Summary / Abstract:

Principal's Secretary - WHS - Melinda Groth

Principal's Secretary - SHS - Katelyn Brittner Custodian - SHS/DO - Sasha Magdaleno

Instructional Assistant/Yard Duty - K - SHS - Christine Shanahan Special Education Assistant - SHS - Veronica Pena Instructional Assistant/Yard Duty - K - SHS - Lisa Pratt

Motion - Glenn, second Joyce? All in favor

14. Business Department

14.1. GANN Resolution

  • Limit on the amount of tax money the government can spend

  • All in favor

14.2. Superintendent Contract

Quick Summary / Abstract:

considering contract extension and salary increase

  • Joyce: timing regarding the review and salary increase. wants to explain. timing to contract extension is based on the fact that this board was delayed in getting the evaluation through. One of the goals of this board was to have a better evaluation process. The board had always planned a training. That is why it is always on agenda. Due to this goal they started this work and there were delays due to COVID. Pushed the review that should have been done. They are still working on finalizing this process and they hope to do it tonight. New evaluation tools. They are 4 months late. The review is done and satisfactory. The contract states after a satisfactory review 2 things can be reviewed: 1) increase 2) extension. They are 4 months late in doing this extension. Current board members are more qualified to make a decision. a one year extension allows new board members an opportunity to learn....COVID concerns (couldn't hear). Superintendent Kehoe has been working with health officials and been working with ABEA. Children need a captain on staff to steady the storm to weather the storm. She is not deaf to the parents, she is not deaf to the teachers concerns. Kehoe receives many compliments to her work.

  • Katie Schiavone: Surprised to see this on the agenda. In closed session the board had agreed to go a certain way and this goes in a different direction. Doesn't think this item is serving our constituents well. Parents are begging for a plan, this isn't in place. This could be tabled. This is not urgent and we have until February 2021 and I don't agree with this being rushed. This was not delayed, we were pushed to wait. the review was started in January. She doesn't agree with the way it is being done. She believes it is disrespectful to the community and the comments we have heard. She doesn't believe a plan is in place. The board was asked to wait to do this review. The delay was not only because of COVID.

  • Conversation with Shannon - couldn't hear.

  • Katie Schiavone - Julie Kehoe asked them to wait four months to do the review.

  • Joyce Bradshaw - the training was a learning process.

  • Katie Schiavone - There are differences in what was agreed upon in the closed session and what is happening right now.

  • Joyce Bradshaw - there is evidence of hours of work

  • Shannon - can we move around

  • Sarah - the next evaluation this decision can be made again later even if it is extended. This is right based on the current review. (couldn't hear correctly)

  • Joyce - There are three parts - (couldn't hear)

  • Katie Schiavone - this is not right. The review has been delayed and it is not appropriate right now.

  • Joyce - it is right to have the current board make this decision. The current board has been working with the Superintendent

  • Shannon Wines - states that she believes Joyce is right. This is the right decision to have the current board

  • Glenn Pierce - the new board will be ill equipped to make a decision regarding the extension of the contract

Motion: Joyce 1 year extension and a step in her contract effective July 1 2020

  • Shannon - definitely agrees on the step.

  • Katie - we should try to do this right. We aren't even sure if we can do the step or two

  • Glenn - what more would we know in a month than what we know now

  • Joyce - get her closer to what other districts have

  • Glenn - they have a list of other districts superintendents salaries

  • Comments - couldn't hear - it was too quiet

Motion: Shannon Wines: do step from ....(couldn't hear). 2 steps with a one year contract extension from end of contract June 2021. Julie did a lot of hard work with (couldn't hear)....discussion re: IB. she thinks Julie has worked very hard. The board has responsibility to be more transparent. Its hard. Have an open mind, there are pieces where we can be more transparent.

Second: unknown as it was not voiced

voted 4 in favor - Katie Schiavone against

  • Sarah - in the midst of this we want Julie here to manage this and we believe in the job she has done so far. They don't want her to be concerned that she has a job. believes with feedback hopefully this will allow Julie to improve her performance. (broken up - couldn't totally hear).

Board realized there was public comment after the vote.


1. Stacie McNally- 14.2: I'm at a loss to figure out why we are trying to push through the superintendent's contract at this time. From what I can tell this doesnt need to be done right now and with all of the chaos going on with being back to school, and the way many of us feel we have been let down by poor planning from the district, I dont think this is the time to be making decisions that we may not recover from for years. We are in unprecedented times and nobody's job in education has been easy. But I fear we have seen a real lack of leadership from those in the highest roles, and I think if it came down to it, many of the parents may not want to renew a contract for our superintendent at all. I'm not an unreasonable person and I believe in giving people the chance to prove me wrong. Let's do that now. Let's give Julie Kehoe the chance to step up and actually BE the superintendent in the coming weeks and months before we decide to roll the dice and give her more time. Now is her opportunity to prove that she is worthy of the position and we should expect that of her. Dont take away the incentive to do so by renewing her contract early and showing her that the complacency we have seen until now, that which has driven many loyal families out of our schools, is ok. - Stacie McNally

2.Jeff Alameida-14.2: I would like to confirm that the superintendent contract (along with other administration level contracts) is being reviewed within the current social and economic environment impacting all student parents. Many individuals have lost their jobs and those that are still employed have taken reductions in pay consistent with the economic budget crisis the State and Nation are facing. I appreciate the hard work our public school staff provides, especially the teachers working very long hours during this time, but I do not support an increase in contract terms including salary increases if that is the recommended motion. Thank you.

3. Anonymous- 14.2: I vote NO! On extending the superintendent contract. She is not what is best for this district.

4. Katherine Katches- 14.2: I'm writing as I am generally confused why the board is considering a contract extension on the superintendents when this agenda item does not need to be addressed until February at the earliest. As publicly appointed board members it appears that public comments are being ignored and overlooked. Im fairly new to this district on the parent side so my only working knowledge of Kehoe's performance is since COVID, but I have heard many other unhappy parents with her performance prior to COVID and as a community member who puts on events for the community I have personally experienced her disconnect with the community as a whole. As members voted in by the people, I urge you to take in account what the people are saying and it appears the concensus is the Superintendent contract should NOT be extend or at the very minimum not reviewed until the appropriate time, after February.

5. Katherine-15.5: Now with our county moving to ORANGE Tier, I'd like to know when the district plans to bring back these children to full or close to full time since we have been in the clear to Open Fully for a while now and especially in an even better standing as a whole county. Thank you.

6. David Allen-14.2: What's the rush. This deadline is 4 months away and we are still in a crisis situation concerning the students. I hope you remember that students are supposed to be the focus. I have not seen anything to warrant a contract extension at this time. By the way raises are not automatic, they have to be earned. In any business situation the problems quite often are related to management. Good management makes it work. Poor management makes chaos. In addition there is a potential for a few newer board members. Why make this decision before an election.

7. Tena Sjolund 14.2: It is my understanding that the agenda item to discuss extending the Superintendent's contract has been recently added to today's agenda, several months prior to the contract expiration, when the District would normally address this item. I am curious why the need to address this now when there are much bigger issues that the Board's attention should be on right now. I also believe it would be more appropriate to ensure the stakeholders, parents, are given ample opportunity to provide input on the renewal of the Superintendent's contract. I am asking the Board to table this to insure ample time is given to allow for this to take place. Thank you!

8. Breanna Spencer 14.2: I am urging the board to suspend this action until it is actually due! This issue is NOT pressing as we face an unprecedented time. The board and district should not be increasing any salaries, period. We need to focus on the real issues at hand, such as, our childrens education! For so many reasons, this action would be inappropriate; it is an election year! We are about to vote in new board memebers. Rasing the question as to why now?? Why the rush during an already stressful time that, quite frankly, she has failed at. The parents have voiced their concerns. This not the time for a review! This needs to be put on hold until, at very least, the new board has been established.

9. Anonymous 14.2: In the month of September alone, almost 70 comments from the community have been submitted, with concerns regarding the Superintendent. A petition was shared with the board that had almost 100 family names on, sharing concerns with the Superintendent. The board has heard from staff, teachers and parents. But today they have demonstrated that they don't care about any of those people. This lack of respect and attention will not soon be forgotten.

10. Laurel Klein 14.2: Board Members, I ask you to postpone voting on this issue. We are three weeks out from an election in which a majority of seats (3 out of 5) have the potential to change hands. Do you have the right to vote? Yes. Should you? No! You have delayed too long and, per contract, this decision does not need to be made until February. Voting now is inappropriate and gives the impression that the issue is being forced through to avoid a different decision after the election. Whether that is your intent or not- that is exactly how it looks. If you are concerned that the next board may not make this decision in the right context, then I suggest you make it a priority to educate them on the circumstances as they take up their roles. In fact, I ask that each of you take this time now to openly educate all of us on the superintendent review process, the criteria used for the evaluation, and provide a summary of the results. That kind of transparency will go a long way to bridging some of the divide that has grown in our community and should honestly help build a stronger relationship with our superintendent and the next board. If this vote does proceed tonight, I would be concerned you are actually doing more harm than good. I think it’s irresponsible to put Julie in this uncomfortable situation and I think it’s short-sighted to sew division in the new board. Please do the right thing and postpone this decision until the next board is voted in. If you think your membership will not change much, then delaying won’t matter and you will have an even stronger mandate. If you do think the board will change, then it’s not right for outgoing members to make a decision in the 11th hour for which they will have no responsibility. Thank you for your consideration, Laurel Klein

11. Anonymous 14.2: I would like to thank the principals and staff for everything they’re doing. They’re working so hard. As a parent of two children of this district and a former student of this district. I am concerned about the urgency of the superintendent wanting to discuss her contract early. I believe that she hasnt supported our schools and students as a superintendent. It seems like she is more concerned about a pay raise than dealing with this on going health crisis and not getting our schools back to normal schedule as soon as possible. What is with the urgency of extending her contract earlier than it is up for review? We have more pressing matters than this. Especially when she hasn’t stepped up to the plate. Thank you for your time.

12. Stephanie Vargas 14.2: It would be extremely foolish to renew the Superintendent's contract. Mrs. Kehoe continuously makes decisions that compromise children's education. She has allocated funds to IB when we were told IB would be placed on hold. She prolonged teacher negotiations, she has laid off reading aides during a critical time. She does not communicate strategies or end goals but instead talks in circles. Additionally, this little district can not sacrifice teacher salaries to maintain a Superintendent salary should funding become an issue. As I have previously suggested, the model of principal / Superintendent should be adopted. Parents have been submitting their feedback for nearly three years as to why the contract for Mrs. Kehoe should never be renewed. Please dig up my emails and revisit my detailed explanations.

13. Shannon Baker 14.2: Over the summer plans should’ve already started being put into the works, yet we heard nothing. There should be a plan A and plan B and it branches out and evolves from there, and the information should be shared with the parents as soon as possible. The superintendent dropped the ball and didn’t do her job, we were kept in the dark. For being paid over 140,000 we expect more. I understand things are always evolving and changing but like I stated before there should always be a plan A and plan B. What we got was something being thrown in at the last minute with no real end. When the superintendent could’ve shown leadership and shined, she failed. We need someone who shows leadership and can keep everyone informed so a parent doesn’t ever go to a teacher for information only to be told they don’t know either. We need someone who puts pride into the district and actually cares for the kids education and future.

14. Anonymous 14.2: The board agenda was never sent back out, via email or Parent square. That is flat out wrong, it did not happen. Julie Kehoe is misleading you to get her raise.

15. Anonymous 14.2: I would like to know if the current superintendent salary schedule (2019-2020) is the same as the 2018-2019 schedule. I understand how step and column work, so with a year of service, a small increase is expected for experience. But what percent increase was made over last year's schedule? (not step and column).

16. Allison Harvey 14.2: The board is acting as if the extension of Ms. Kehoe's contract is mandatory when she receives a satisfactory review. It is not. It is an option open to the board if they want to extend another year. It says the board MAY, it does not say the board MUST extend the contract with a satisfactory evaluation. I urge the board to listen to the voices of your community.

17. Concerned Employee 14.2: Transparency is a word that is often used in PHUSD Board meetings and as a staff member I can say that this is not the experience I have had . In the time that Ms. Keyhoe has been superintendent for PHUSD follow through, communication and transparency have been some of her greatest failures. The board has received pages and pages of public comments regarding Ms. Keyhoes performance with the overwhelming majority being disfavored opinions of the superintendent. The staff survey that was referenced in the last meeting consisted of three questions, none of them specifically referencing the Superintendent's performance and all of the questions centered around communication from site administration during COVID-19. I urge the Board to send out a proper performance survey to staff members to get a true grasp of what has been going on long before COVID-19. Our staff, students , and community deserve so much better than bad politics. As a staff member I urge you to table this agenda item until you can gain an accurate staff perspective on what is truly going on from the majority of staff versus a select few.

18. Laurel Klein 14.2: Just putting it out there, but in the corporate world that I work in, performance evaluations are done by your direct manager. They write up your review and advocate for you, but then another person who is not your direct manager actually decides your salary/raise and is in charge of succession planning. This is standard protocol. It’s not unheard of that the outgoing board would make a recommendation but the new board would make the decision as it affects them now.

19. Allison Harvey 14.2: You indicated you all have a list of the salaries of the local superintendents. Please publish that list as a part of this meeting if you are using it as a part of your decision.

20. Anonymous 14.2: Never mind. My question was answered. It sounds like there is no percentage increase from previous year, just step.

21. Allison Harvey 14.2: I have gone through the meeting minutes for the past 4yrs and have found major issues that I believe prevent the board from extending our Superintendent’s contract at this time. #1 Our Superintendent’s contract was never ratified. The definition of ratify is to confirm by expressing consent, approval, or formal sanction. Board policy 2121 and Government Code 53262 require the contract is ratified in an open meeting. I went through all the meeting minutes from the point in which Julie came into the district until present day, none of the meeting minutes show that the contract was ratified by the board. You cannot extend a contract that the board never ratified.

#2 the 1yr extension of the contract cannot be granted until the review is completed. The board must first discuss the goals and objectives and then conduct their review of the superintendent. If the board finalized the reviews in closed session then reviews that were just done by the board are invalid due to a failure to follow proper procedure. Without a valid satisfactory review the contract cannot be extended.

#3 the review process was flawed and conducted inappropriately. On September 2nd a performance review was agendized as the only item on agenda. Meeting minutes from that meeting show that President Pierce said the meeting was not for a performance review but a board training. An email from Ms. Kehoe to staff said that it was not for a performance review but for board training. A board training must be conducted in an open public session. When I questioned this board about the inconsistency you had your attorney send me a letter stating that meeting was actually the evaluation of Ms. Kehoe NOT a board training. President Pierce said in the September 30th meeting the evaluation matrix for the review of Ms. Kehoe was developed on September 2, presumably at the training. This does not line up with the comment at the end of the September 2nd meeting where President Pierce said no action was taken. It also doesn't line up with Joyce Bradshaw’s comment on September 9th where she said the board was still developing the goals and objectives. How could they have been developed on September 2nd if they were still under development on September 9th? And why weren't they released right after the meeting on September 2nd?

You cannot arbitrarily decide which policies or laws you are going to follow. You are required to follow your bylaws and the applicable government and education code. I urge you to do so when considering this decision to extend Ms. Kehoe’s contract. It is my belief that as matters stand you don’t have the authority to currently extend.

22. Adam Borruso 14.2: Great job making this happen. Wonderful job board. Thank you for doing this.

asked for comment from the board

  • Shannon Wines - did those comments come before the item came up?

  • Glenn Pierce - when brown act violations come up they must contact legal counsel. Unfortunately that is an expense. Glenn was told identifying goals can be done at a subsequent meeting, not at an evaluation meeting.

  • Joyce - there were other pretty specific allegations says we are making mistakes. Those comments were read pretty quickly. Joyce didn't understand the ratification of the contract. Julie was at that meeting when it happened. Joyce said they voted on her contract. Joyce assumes that was the ratification process. Asked if there were any other - that was one that....mumbling

  • Shannon said they do not have until February. That statement was incorrect.

  • Joyce - we know we don't have to do the extension. They understand that they may.

  • Joyce said she agrees with Sarah's comment - in the midst of this we want Julie at the helm to manage this and we have faith in the job she has done so far. They don't want her to be concerned that she has a job.

  • Katie - this is a complete disregard to the hundreds of different comments. This is a slap in the face. We are not considering these voices. These are those in this school. Job issues. Depressed kids. Doesn't understand why we can't get more information before we move forward. Katie is very concerned she is hearing the comments, and the comments concern her and she wishes it was going in a different direction.

  • Sarah: we are all hearing the comments.

  • Glenn - make to the motion - do we need a new motion?

MOTION: Shannon - motion extend the contract one more year, and a step in that year and a step in the year prior (2 steps). Contract through 2022. Joyce second. Four in favor, Katie Schiavone against.


  • Julie Kehoe: acknowledged the work that Julie Longtin did. They worked collectively and she appreciates here. This MOU addresses the current plan but doesn't explicitly address the next step.

  • Joyce - nothing really addresses the next phase

  • Group acknowledged it doesn't.

  • Julie - I've already talked to Julie Longtin about this and this is the model.

  • Shannon - question about the comment from the ABEA meeting?

  • Glenn - didn't understand the comment

  • Shannon - why did they make that comment? Ask for it to be re-read.

  • Shae - ABEA report (Summarized as it was read too quickly) - ABEA respectfully submits the MOU, based on upon tonight's agenda and recommended actions, it appears that the board is not actively listening to staff.

  • Glenn Motion; unknown who made a second as it was not acknowledged.

Public comment:

To be inserted later

Julie Kehoe response: The teachers are turning in very details reports. The parents should reach out to the teacher, and then the Principal because this sounds like a one off.

All in favor - no roll call

15.2. Revised 2020-2021 School Year Calendar


October 1 and 2: Teacher Preparation Days, Non-Student Days

The calendared non-student days of October 12th and March 12th will be instructional days. 

Glenn motion - second unknown as not identified

All in favor - no roll call

15.3. ABEA Sunshine Proposal

Julie Kehoe - Julie Longtin and Julie Kehoe worked on this a lot. Appreciated the boards direction to work on this earlier. Motion - Glenn; Second - unknown - couldn't hear.

15.4. PHUSD Sunshine Proposal

Glenn motion; Katie Second; all in favor

15.5. PHUSD In-person/Hybrid Instruction Day 1

Julie Kehoe - this is instead of the regular first day report; went through presentation

15.6. PHUSD Continuing to Reopen

Julie Kehoe - went through her slideshow. Discussion regarding different plans. Proposing a back to school plan with 1/2 days, 5 days a week with a return with that plan in November. November 9th is a proposed date.

Joyce - January February March is cold and flu season. Waiting until November and December won't help. Joyce thinks we should come back in December as hybrid. Joyce says waiting until January doesn't make sense. Thinks now makes sense.

Sarah Schofer - have you asked the teachers? sometimes you get the kids into a plan and then take it away. Julie thinks the teachers would rather wait until the end of November.

Julie is asking for guidance as to the start date of the next part of the phasing back. After they have a date they will develop a plan.

Motion - open 1 - Nov 9 start. Motion passes 3/2 (couldn't tell who voted for what - no roll call)

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