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Special Board Meeting 9/16/2020

The notes below are simply a summary of what I heard during the meeting. They are not direct quotes unless specified and they are only my summary of what I heard throughout the meeting. Here is the link to the agenda:

5. Comments from the Community on Non-Agenda Items

Public Comment: (as submitted to the district):

1. Anonymous: Distance learning has not been effective within my household. I have two children enrolled at Sierra Hills and I find it incredibly inappropriate to have them sit in front of a computer screen for four hours with limited breaks. I have to sit with one child for all four hours to make sure he is focused and engaged while also trying to help my other son who becomes overwhelmed, frustrated, and anxious on a daily basis. I have watched both of my children deteriorate over the last two weeks. My once happy children now struggle to understand and process their emotions due to distance learning. Distance learning has taken a toll on the interpersonal relationships that my children desperately need. As for technology, I am thankful for the chrome books and hotspot my family were provided since we areunable to get internet on our own, but we struggle with connecting everyday. Technology has been another added layer of stress and frustration. Every time my children are kicked off (which happens regularly) or cannot login, they become anxious and fearful that they will fall behind. Distance learning has been awful. I understand that we really didn’t have a choice in the beginning, but the complete lack of communication and leadership from the district and superintendent has been appalling. I am tired of the broken promises and straight up lies from the superintendent. For example, if you tell everyone you will be sending out a survey and then do not send out the survey, email us and let us know that it has been delayed. Communication is key. Why is it that our district and superintendent can’t seem to communicate? Isn’t communication part of the job? Distance learning is not learning, it’s being held hostage in front of a screen. Please let our children return to school where they can thrive and not suffer anymore. Their mental health is dependent upon it.

2. Kristen Brown: It has been a week since the last board meeting, what is the update on the students starting to go back to school. The schools in our surrounding area (i.e. Colfax and placer high schools and Colfax elementary) have already begun the hybrid process. Private schools have been back for over two weeks now at five days a week and full days. Yet, all we get are surveys. We all took surveys during the summer and at the beginning of school I was told that 80% of parents wanted their student's to return to some form of in person learning. Why did nothing come of that? What has the superintendent been doing this summer? She should have had a plan in place for how the students would be returning to in person learning. Ms. Kehoe should have been in communication with the teachers association and working on their contracts. So when the governor removed placer county from the watch list the process could have begun after the 14 days. Placer county has been off the watch list since August 19th. I am so upset with how the district is being run by Ms. Kehoe, she talks in circles but does not give any real definite answers. I feel that as a parent she brushes off our thought and concern.

3. Breanna Spencer: We need answers! Confidence in our district is dwindling, FAST. Why is there no plan in place for our children to return to school? What has our district been doing all summer while ALL of the other districts in our area have a plan, a date and communicated to their families what the return to school will look like? I am highly disappointed in our district leaders' inability to fulfill their job requirements. This, in no way, reflects the teachers or staff at our district sites; they are amazing and I commend their efforts and commitment to our children. I grew up in this district and couldn't wait to enroll my 4 children. Now? I am looking into every avenue to pull them out. We have voiced our opinions as parents, to no avail. We are tired of waiting! We need a plan, we need a superintendent that knows what they're doing! I am done asking. I am demanding an answer as to when my children will return to school.

4. Anonymous: I don’t understand why our school district has yet to have a plan to return to school. It seems that every other district has a plan in place or has already returned to live instruction. I know that Sierra Hills has already had multiple planning meetings on how to safely return the kids to campus. Why is the district ie: the superintendent dragging her feet? What in the world has Julie been doing the past six months? We should have had a plan in place BEFORE the beginning of the school year!! I don’t see how an emergency board meeting about her review and a proposed raise are important (nor does she deserve it) when there are children struggling educationally, socially, and emotionally right now. Why are we spending thousands of dollars on consultants to make sure she gets a good review when we could be using those funds for our schools? Julie’s priorities are NOT our children, their education, or what is best for our district. Something has to be done!

5. Parent: It saddens me to see this district in such a state. The community and parents should have a bigger voice. Decisions should be made on what is best for our children. So many amazing families are leaving our district because of the lack of leadership, transparency, and the loss of trust in our Superintendent and Board.

6. Kathy Sindel: Good afternoon everyone. -First - I want to thank the Board for all of your time and support. -Second - I want to thank Mr. David Figuly, our Principal, at SHS for all of his time and support. -Third - I need to make a public comment as a tax payer and resident of this district. I am speaking with "the hat of a grandmother" and the hat of "a tax payer" and the hat of a "32 year experienced teacher in the district." I feel like I am on a pirate ship sailing on the high seas and going through a big storm. Not a hurricane, but just a very wild and windy one. There is no captain or anyone steering this boat! REALLY! The lack of communication from the Superintendent to my principal, to me as a teacher - I feel like I am in the bottom of the boat and swimming in the water inside the boat, and it's up to my nose and stressing me out. I see parents jumping off the boat into other boats, I see my students struggling to swim, I see and hear lots of crying and yelling for help from my 4 and 5 year old students. Dear God, please help us and please let us know more information ASAP. It's not the teachers - It is the lack of a Captain who can run this boat safely and keep my students from sinking. The teachers' are the ones who want the kids back in our rooms the most! WOOF. I am praying that an "amazing captain jumps on board" ASAP to help us and be transparent with information so that my neighbors, friends, student-teachers, and family can have a great cruise that we will all be happy to share and go on every year. Thank you for your time. Love and hugs always, Ms. Kathy Sindel Kindergarten teacher The Teddy Bear class Sierra Hills school

7. Rhiannon Fairchild: Hello, my name is Rhiannon Fairchild and I'm a mom of a Kindergartener at SHS. I sent a lengthy e-mail to Julie Kehoe regarding transparency and an update for concerned parents. I got a response, which as it turns out, others got the same copied and pasted response. Not individually tailored to our individual concerns. What worries me at this juncture is whether or not the e-mails are ACTUALLY being read, and whether or not they're being specifically and individually addressed. Whether or not any household is a supporter of distance learning or not, we all deserve to know what's happening with (to) our children. Please focus on transparency, and I guarantee there will be more support from the families. Thank you, Rhiannon.

8. ABEA Bargaining Team: The ABEA bargaining team would like to clarify a few things. We understand that the lack of communication and concrete information about reopening for in-person instruction is frustrating, and we are aware that this has led to a great deal of misinformation. We hope to clear that up. The ABEA bargaining team is working closely with the District to agree on the necessary health and safety precautions for our students and staff. The meetings between us and the Superintendent and Principals have been collaborative and productive, and we hope to conclude this work very soon.

There is particular misinformation regarding the daily schedule. We have heard confusion from board members, staff, parents, and our fellow teachers. Many are under the impression that teachers and the union are slowing or stopping the process by not providing or proposing a schedule to the district. This is not true. While we are happy to collaborate on a schedule with the district, to ensure that it fits within the teacher contract and State requirements for minutes and safety, we are not the ones creating said schedule. Our proposed MOU language states “the District may adopt a plan” for hybrid instruction. As we all look around, we are well aware that districts surrounding us have begun to return to in-person instruction. It is important to remember that many of those districts, including our next door neighbors, are opening without MOUs in place. We appreciate our District’s unwillingness to do this to our students and staff. Teachers want to have students in the classroom just as much as everyone else. We have worked very hard to make sure that this process is being done quickly and correctly, while simultaneously teaching in the distance learning model. We hope this clears up any confusion. Thank you.

9. Chelsea Eckley: If Sierra Hills moves to in person 2 days per week, what will happen on the other 3 days? Will parents and students be left to fend for themselves with independent study for the rest of the week? I am very anxious to get my kindergartener back to in person instruction, but I also know that independent study will not work for our family. I realize this might be impossible due to staffing limitations, but I would like to see 2 days in person and 3 days distance learning, if 5 days in person is not an option. Alternatively, could Sierra Hills AND Placer Hills classrooms be used to spread out, make class sizes smaller and allow for cleaning time, so students could go back to 5 days per week sooner. Perhaps the district could utilize teacher aids or hire substitute teachers for a few months while utilizing the extra classrooms at Placer Hills? We have a whole other school available to us, so it seems like this option should be considered, even if it costs the district more money.

10. Anonymous: While we understand how difficult it is to come up with an in-person back to school plan, I hope that the older grades will be treated with a better educational plan than what’s being given to the kindergarteners at Sierra Hills. There is absolutely no reason why the 6th-8th grade students should be sent home 3 days a week on independent study when the technology is available to provide live class streaming like the high school. We understand that parents of 5 year olds want less screen time and more packets for independent work, however that line of thinking should not be forced on the older kids. They deserve a better education than that. If the district moves forward with hybrid / independent study as the in-person option, our family will stay distance learning for the 5 days a week of live scheduled instruction which we believe is the better education. Independent study = spring distance learning. 11. Sean Jukich: I have heard from both the superintendent and multiple board members that one of the holdups of returning to school is the contract between the teachers union and the district. We knew the day was going to eventually come that children would be allowed to return to school, why is this contract taking so long to negotiate when we anticipated the return. I understand that the situation is fluid, however nearly every other sector figured out safety precautions and protocols months ago.

12. Anonymous: There was a survey sent on 9/15/2020 implying that those results were important for the return to school planning. However, today 9/16/2020, and copy and pasted email was sent to some parents who reached out with concerns, saying that the return to school plan would be released in detail, on Friday 9/18/2020. We also have been told the delay is due to teacher contract negotiations. Enough of the lies. Blaming the teachers is appalling. The survey results cannot possibly be used to create a return to school plan, which Julie has said is being negotiated concurrently with teachers. The timing of this does not add up. It seems like more deception in a last-ditch effort to be able to say that input was gathered, but in reality, more smoke and mirrors. Where is the Board in all of this? Have you heard the parent concerns over the last month alone? Why are you condoning this behavior, repeated run-around from the Superintendent and not stepping in to advocate for our kids?

13. Allison Harvey: I’d like to start with a request for clarity about what the real reason was for the delay in sending out the options for the next phase of schooling. Many communications from Superintendent Kehoe reference contract negotiations with the teachers when she is speaking about the delay in getting a detailed plan out to parents about options for the next phase of school learning. This seems to imply that the delay that we experienced in getting the plan was negotiating terms with the teachers union. However, I’ve been told that the teachers union was only negotiating safety terms and not return to school details for the scheduling etc. If it was a negotiation of safety terms I’ve been told there was nothing in the teachers negotiations that would hold up sending out the return to school options to the parents and detailing what that would look like. If that is true the delay was not the negotiations with teachers. If the teachers negotiations are not the delay it is unacceptable to keep bringing up the teachers negotiations in the narrative about delays in getting the proposed plan to the parents.

This brings me to my bigger issue. I’ve heard the parents over the past month voice some pretty serious concerns about their need to be heard and their desire for communication. I’ve also heard them asking for action. Action in creating solutions for their kids who are hurting. There have been multiple special meetings called but none for the purpose of working through the details of phase 2 learning. Where has the board been in figuring out all of the details? Why hasn’t the board called a special meeting for the purpose of the issue that is the most important to the parents in this district? It feels like the board is not listening to our concerns. Parents are getting restless because they feel unheard and because promises aren’t being kept. It is time for the board to step in and ensure that the right actions are being taken. I understand creating these plans is tough and there is no perfect solution. I am not asking for a perfect solution. I am asking for clear communication and honesty. I am asking you to listen to the needs of your constituents which include the parents and kids in this community.

14. Sadie Caldas: Good evening, I want to express our family’s concerns on the issues with distance learning and the urgent need for our children to receive in-person instruction. I have a 2nd and 3rd grader at Sierra Hills. Both kids are struggling and at the end of the day, the box is being checked that they attended school but they are not learning. My 2nd grader is no where near capable of following along with the online instructions, multiple tabs and programs. She pretty much stares at the screen because she has to. Our 3rd grader follows along but can’t stay engaged and focus on a computer for hours at a time. Working parents cannot sit with children all day long to help teach and keep the kids on track, which is exactly what is required for young students. Kids have not had effective instruction since March and we cannot continue on with this way. Everyone has made a good effort and I appreciate the school staff for the amount of work they have put into this, but I cannot continue to log in everyday to get the check on an attendance box and then have our kids completely zone out on a computer the entire morning. We want them to get an education, and this is not working for our family and many others. Parents have heard that surveys will be sent out and that dates will be set to open. I do not know why this has not occurred yet, but we need this to happen ASAP. Respectfully, Sadie Caldas

15. Crystal Bright: Good evening Board, I’m rather disappointed in our superintendent. She provides so little information to us parents and families who are doing everything to help our children through this. It is agonizing to see our teachers trying so hard to do what they love to do and that is TEACH. I have often found it frustrating to listen in, as the teacher is assisting another student to find a link, or video or exercise for the class. Someone should help this student, but my daughter shouldn’t have to sit, bored for the majority of class, while this is happening. Can we give this teacher an aide? A tech aide? Our superintendent also submitted a couple of surveys for us to fill out. One was to determine if distance learning was happening for our child. Well, yes it is, but that doesn’t mean its ideal. The second survey asked us to commit to a decision about our daughter’s education, however no details are provided to make this decision. I think we have been through this similar pattern, in July 2020, “preparing” for the Fall 2020. I also feel our superintendent is punishing those of us who want our children back in school by only allowing them to be there for two days out of the week. The punishment to us parents and families is that when this option is chosen, it comes with three days of Independent Study. What does that mean? How much time will I have to play Teacher, once again? Why isn’t distance learning available for those other three days? We are fortunate that our daughter has gotten into a rhythm with distance learning but this doesn’t mean it is the best option for her education. Crucial subjects such as Science should be taught in person. And quite frankly there is a toll on just about every child’s mental health. I don’t think our superintendent as taken that into consideration as well. I am without faith, that our superintendent has the ability to represent our community and help my child in her educational needs. Also there are many of us with these same and other concerns. We feel that neither the board or the superintendent is listening to us. And one more thing, I love our teachers and staff and I wish this was easier for them too. God bless them.

16. Stephanie Vargas: I have written several emails to this point in the past 6 months. Our little district does not need a full time superintendent taking away from our budget. I do not know how you justify a large expenditure for 614 students. I find Mrs Kehoe to operate unethically and I do not support her professional decisions. As a board where are the checks & balances? The minutes often reflect that all but one of you rubber stamps Mrs. Kehoes plans with little to no questioning. What has the board done support a plan of returning to school in any capacity? I am infuriated by the excuse that the teachers are holding up the return to school when in fact the board and Mrs. Kehoe have not shown leadership in decision making. For the past two years I have addressed poor high level decisions. I have finally reached my breaking point. I have gone from being a stay at home mom with low part time hours to accepting a full time position so that I am now able to pay for my children's education and put my children first. For the past 2.5 years I have not felt that Mrs. Kehoe puts our children first.

17. Heather Gull: I am EXTREMELY disappointed with Julie Kehoe's actions, or lack thereof. She has demonstrated egregious behavior by failing to take the appropriate action to return the students to in- class instruction. Despite the fact that Placer Country would eventually meet the 14 day threshold, Ms. Kehoe has had months to orchestrate a plan of action to return students to campus for effective teaching. As a result, the students continue experiencing catastrophic "crisis learning". This is unacceptable. Students are suffering academically, mentally and socially because they are not being put first. I will not stand idly by while these students are not treated as Priority #1. Kehoe needs to be removed from her position now. She doesn't do her job. She doesn't deserve a raise. She doesn't put the students first. PHUSD Board Members, I beg you to hold Kehoe's feet to the fire or get rid of her NOW!!!!

18. Kathryn Bianchi Kreeger: My children are working their butts off with Distance Learning and I am too. We are exhausted. They have more work than ever and are stuck in front of a computer nonstop till 12:15pm and 1:15pm then have even more to do once they are home. The curiculum has not been scaled back at all. My family would love to have at least 2 days of week for school to check in, get new assignments, and return assignments. Picking up some things, printing others, and having to type on Google Docs as a 7 year old and 10 year old is ridiculous. I feel sick for how hard my kids are having to work to keep up and it's not because the teachers are not trying. They are totally trying but it's so difficult on everyone! Also to think a Resource kid with learning disabilities can get the help the state LEGALLY must provide via Distant Learning is NOT POSSIBLE in this type of environment. Ask any parent of a child with an IEP and any Resource Teacher. Again our Resource Teacher is working her behind off but it's not fair to her or her students. Our District is one of the few in the area without a return plan...we are not the only district with teachers in the Union so I am tired of hearing that excuse. We are the only ones who had no math books ready by the start of the year. We were one of the last districts to get hot spots which don't even work and one of the last districts to get enough Chromebooks which are also outdated. This all comes down from the District Office and the School Board, not the Principals, and not the teachers. Something needs to change!

After public comment there was comment from Glenn Pierce, Board President: (summary of his comments):

Thank you to everyone who has sent in comment. They provide insight and the board appreciates the input. Emails are being read. Superintendent has been working closely with the teachers union. Reopening information will be sent on Friday. Read it carefully and reply with your preferences so we can have an October start date. There are many comments about schools being open. The comment from ABEA with schools opening without MOU was surprising I will have to look into it. There are no other public schools in the county open currently or that will be prior to October. We are leading the way to return to in person instruction. We understand this is extremely challenging time. No one will be happy with every detail. If there is technical issues David and James will provide assistance. Thank you everyone for your comments. They are being heard.

6. Business Department

6.1. Unaudited Actuals

Mary went through her power point report.

6_1_UAPowerpoint_0 (1)
Download PPTX • 117KB
6_1_UnauditedActuals_0 (2)
Download PDF • 1.16MB

The reserve is listed as 4% and the district requires 5%. Mary will change this in the report.

Public Comment:

Laurel Klein: (As submitted to the district): 1. How much did the district "save" compared to estimated actuals due to school closures? 2. How much will the known currently proposed expenses (slide 13) cost the district? Can you confirm this includes costs in the LCP? 3. How does the proportion of employee salaries and benefits compare to other similarly sized districts? I see you it is 80% of combined general fund and 89% of unrestricted expenditures. 4. How much did we receive from SB117? Is there other funding we can apply for to support our transition back to in-person learning?

Motion to approve passed unanimously.

7. Superintendent Department

7.1. Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan Approval

LCP Plan:

7_1_LCP_0 (1)
Download PDF • 793KB

Julie stated she brought to school board last week. Brought it to the school sites. This is the plan with some changes with work with site administrators. Asked to approve.

Joyce - typo. Asked what the significant changes? Julie state it was that she came to the board and gave the public hearing. When parent groups meet at the sites. Ongoing assessments of students were the changes. They were technical changes the county asked them to make. Changing the location of material. ABEA has been very collaborative. This report is fluid.

Public Comment: (As submitted to the district):

1. Laurel Klein: There appear to be a few misrepresentations in the LCP that should be clarified or corrected before it is approved by the board. One way to address these items would be to clarify in the LCP was has actually been done and what is planned. Right now, it reads as if all of these items have been done, which is definitely not the case. 1. "The LCP was presented at parent committees for review and comments on September 10, 2020"- what parent committees was this presented at? The school site councils (the only elected committees that I am aware of) were not asked to review or comment. Likewise, if the LCP wasn't presented until 9/10 for review and comment does it makes sense that the public hearing was held the day before on 9/9? The consultation and stakeholder feedback process is supposed to happen before the public hearing not after it. 2. "The district responded in writing to comments." I made a few comments regarding the LCP at the public hearing and did not receive a written response. 3. The summary of feedback from parents is outdated and based on comments received before students went back to school this fall. None of the recent comments provided at the last few board meetings have been included. We have now been back for almost a month with lots of feedback. 4. "PHUSD has created a guidance book and a plan for phases of returning to in-person instruction for a return when Placer County is at a level to allow the safe return of students" The "plan" was a single slide at last week's board meeting. There are limited details around how the hybrid model will actually be executed and I have not seen a response to any of the public comments made at that meeting. There is a think tank meeting set up this Friday (9/18) to review a plan, but to say we have one now is misleading. 5. "PHUSD will provide resources, strategies and interventions to support engagement in learning and provide socialemotional consultations through Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS)." Are these additional resources the district will be implementing to address the potentially huge Social-Emotional gaps that are going to come out when we return to school? If so, what is the budget allotted to support this? If there is no budget, are we at risk of not having additional resources to support these gaps? Student achievement will suffer if we can't manage student behavior in the classroom brought on by poor social-emotional skills. These kids get to be in school only 2 days/week- let's try to make the most of it. As well, just removing these students from the classroom doesn't serve them. I think we need a budget to support additional classroom aids especially because classroom volunteers will not be allowed. Assuming that reduced class sizes will be sufficient doesn't take into account the extensive research that says otherwise. 2. Laurel Klein: Board Members, The LCP template from the state lacks any sections regarding a schedule to get us back to in-person learning or at least measurable criteria to hold our schools accountable to successfully teach our students. It is your responsibility as a school board to ensure these items are in place outside of the template and to track progress so that all of us stakeholders know how the district is progressing. Allowing our administration free reign without the appropriate checks and balances is reckless and a serious dereliction of duty. Think of yourselves like the board of a publicly traded company: the superintendent is the CEO who is responsible to deliver value back to the shareholders. In our case, this is the district's taxpayers. The board is obligated to hold the CEO accountable to meet his/her commitments. If you don't, the shareholders will look for something else to invest in. Unfortunately, us taxpayers don't have the luxury to choose what we invest in but that is what makes it even more necessary for you to serve your purpose. Please, please, please show us that you are engaged, care, and we can trust you to represent our community's needs. If you don't think you can anymore, then please step aside so others can step up. Thank you. 3. Sean Jukich: I have multiple questions, most of which being about the return to in person schooling. What will a normal day look like? If kids are only on campus 2 days a week, what do the other 2 days look like? What statistics and guidelines are you using to support the division of classes into two sessions? What will recess and lunch look like? Do we have a map to get back to 100% on campus learning for all students? 4. Anonymous: Based on the public comments last week, can you highlight the changes you made? Not from the county or principals, from parents. You asked for our input, so what got changed? 5. Allison Harvey: • On Stakeholder Engagement: Page 2, it states, “The plan is available at the district office as a hard copy for those without internet access and the district webpage to ensure stakeholders have access to the plab.” Where is this plan? • Stakeholder Engagement: Page 2, it states, “The LCP was presented at parent committees for review and comments on September 10, 2020 and were provided an opportunity to submit written comments regarding specific actions and expenditures in the LCP. The district responded in writing to comments.” Where are the districts responses? • Page 4: it states, “PHUSD has created a guidance book and a plan for phases of returning to in-person instruction for a return when Placer County is at a level to allow the safe return of students.” Where is that guidance book and the plan for phases of returning to in person instruction? I’ve requested all these documents and not received any response. 6. Allison Harvey: Page 4 it states: “Schedule: When students return, PHUSD will be offering an A/B schedule for students to follow. Students in the “A” group will attend school Monday and Tuesday and students in the “B” group will attend school on Thursday and Friday. Wednesday will be a cleaning day. This plan aligns with the high school in order to best accommodate families.” Please note, High school schedules are not on a schedule

where the cohorts in A are Monday Tuesday and B are Thursday Friday. The high school has a schedule Monday Thursday and Tuesday Friday.

Supervisor Julie Kehoe: school sites meeting were after the hearing because of the timing of the board meeting.

Supervisor Julie Kehoe: hasn't had a chance to go through all public comment from the last meeting. The point that some of this information is outdated is valid. She has a timeline and she can't continuously add to the document. Julie can't delay approval of this plan. Did purchase Toolbox, will follow up on professional development. Didn't do it in September because teachers are too taxed. PBIS continues. Purchased iReady multi-tier for intervention. School physiologist is available. Connected families with resources.

Question about what all the changes were: none given.

Couldn't hear all comments due to audio issues. Multiple questions from board members Katie Schiavone, Sarah Schopfer, Joyce Bradshaw and Glenn Pierce about when the plan with details would be presented.

Superintendent Julie Kehoe's Answers: Friday a full plan will be released in a survey for families to respond to. Cohorts will be announced and if families need a different schedule the waiver process will need to be followed. Families will be taken into consideration so kids will go to school same days. Tomorrow will be fine tuning of the details. Friday details will follow.

Motion to approve passed unanimously.

7.2. Job Descriptions- Attendance Secretary and Principal's Secretary

Download • 156KB
Download • 159KB

Supervisor Julie Kehoe: (Summary): Secretary for principal will have higher duty. Update website etc. Bigger responsibilities. Attendance Secretary will be answering phones, check in etc. of students. This is lower range. Wants to have separation of tasks. Someone who is coming in new they will be able to learn the ropes and the lessor responsibility tasks with room to grow into higher position. Superintendent Kehoe met with the two current staff. This would be a pay raise for them. After approval today, these would be posted internally (for 5 days) and anyone in the district can apply and our current secretary staff can apply to the higher position. If a current secretary staff member applies and does not get the position they would not be out of a job. This project was a year in the making.

Motion to approve passed unanimously.

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