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School Board Meeting Notes - 08/12/2020

I took some notes at the meeting and wanted to share. Please know, these are just notes and I can't possibly capture it all. This is meant to recap what I heard.

10. Public Comments

- A new family coming to the school district, a person who was the product of the school district, is very concerned about the lack of communication from the school district about the first day of school.

- Bryan and Kim Lynch - They appreciate the hard work by the district and they were happy wit the 3 options to start before the changes were made by the governor. They are a family that has been in district for a long time. They are disappointed the children can not come back. Internet is a very real issue for them, they don't have enough computers and they want more flexibility in scheduling for the day.

- Lisa Sullivan - the cost of the care club. Teacher to student ratios are concerning. In a regular school setting the ration can be 25:1, while with distance learning will allow for larger numbers. Care club should given more funding and resources to help families.

- Allison Harvey (My own comments publically read) - Thanked the teachers, staff and administration for their hard work throughout the school year. Informed the board that have been unable to get a response from Superintendent Kehoe since July 30th regarding issues about the school year. Principal Brown attempted to answer questions and questions were submitted for the video Q&A however, questions regarding recording live instruction were still not answered. We need answers about what students should do if internet goes out so they can get their lesson if all lessons won't be recorded.

ABEA Report- thank you to the employees for working hard. James Gable and Kevin Wiliams specially. Teachers are working very hard.

PHACE Report: this is a new opportunity with new ways of teaching and exploring. It will require patience from everyone. There will be hurdles. We will persevere and serve families. Hurdles will not hold anyone back. Breath, be patient, move forward.

Superintendent Report: Principals were working all summer. Planning with teachers, participating in think tank, created back to school schedules, they are excited about the start of school.

Acknowledged Shae. Her organization, attention to detail and dedication.

Acknowledged this is a stressful and hard time. Stated she appreciated the emails, posts online, telephone calls. Appreciates anyone that says we will come together and be problem solvers. Pass positive energy on to kiddos. Thank you to think tank participants.

Website is updated. Distance learning tools etc. are on the site. Campus is beautiful. Know there will be glitches but we will work through them. Teachers were provided resources already on distance learning and social emotional programs for our kids. Teachers start 8/17 but teachers have already been putting in work.

13.1 New Hires: ESY has passed. Hire in arrears. Position already filled by Rebecca Morrow and Birgit Sandell.

SDC-SHS - Jon-Davis

Special Ed - Heidi Polewaczyk

Resources Teacher: Terisa (Teri) Rowland

Motion Passes



Kindergarten Teacher- SHS 

Instructional Assistant/Yard Duty - SHS

Instructional Assistant Title I - WHS 


Subcaller - Eva Thomas -

Comments: Trustee Schiavone: Didn't agree with the way that Eva had to go.

Leave: Three employees requesting unpaid leaves. No details about why or what requires the leave or who will fill the positions.

Motion passes

13.3 Sufficiency of Materials - set for September 9, 2020

14. Annual attendance report:

No changes since P2 since we went out in March. Motion passes.

15. Start of School MOU

Collaborative process with the ABEA.

15_1_StartOfSchoolMOUWithABEA_0 (1)
Download PDF • 825KB

15.2: review start of school timeline. Superintendent Kehoe went through the timeline in the attachment below.

15_2_COVID19Presentation_0 (1)
Download PDF • 1.79MB

Video Q&A will be more regular. Minimum days are anticipated to be a time to meet with small groups.

Regarding Scheduling: Afternoon time might be required based on academic needs. Spanish PE and Music will be built into the school day. Younger students might be part of language arts. 6,7,8 will have PE two times a week and other classes 2 times a week. They are working breaks into the period scheduling. The period will not be all screen time. Might be a breakout group, might be independent learning. The block time will not be consistent interaction or listening. It will be broken up. Communicate with teachers about feedback on scheduling and learning.

Board Questions: Q: In meetings with Dr. Aimee Sisson - is there any leeway in Placer County regarding watch list? Are they trying to break the county up ie: Roseville/Rocklin vs foothills. A: Supervisor Kehoe states they are looking at this as a whole county.

Q: Waiver? are we planning on applying? A: No, right now it is not feasible. Testing alone would be prohibitive. we need to make sure that we reopen in a thoughtful way. 6 waiver applications were submitted today and she believes they all are going to be returned because they don't meet the requirements of the waiver.

Q: Google Classroom drop in by administration, what does that look like? A: This would be done similar to what happens in a regular classroom.

Q: Concrete evidence of participation: What does that look like? A: It will be up to the teachers. Want to ensure the teachers are connecting with the teacher. Ex: internet issues, follow up with the teacher, that would count as participation.

Questions/Comments from the Public: (pretty sure I missed some - they were read together and very quickly)

Lessons for child to review if internet goes down. Can google meet record the teachers lesson?

# of hot spots available?

How will lessons be taught if they aren't recorded?

How will PE, Spanish and Music be taught?

Will we be applying for a waiver?

Will we consider changing the bus schedule?

None of the questions were answered. Supervisor Kehoe will answer later.

15.3 School Year Calendar was approved.

Meeting adjourned

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